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Update: Streaming available below! We shall kick off today with a really big announcement! Some of you may remember the Finnish trio Draugnim whose voice was heard for the last time in 2010 when they released their second opus “Horizons Low.” Ever since, they remained in deep silence until NOW! Here is what their current record representative Debemur Morti Productions had to say of what’s coming: 6 years after their previous release, DRAUGNIM, the Finnish masters of Melodic Pagan Black Metal, are finally proud to reveal the cover and tracklist ofRead More

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Stream the new song of Korgonthurus – Kaaos

After the mindblowing show at Under The Black Sun 2015 where Korgonthurus taught a lesson in Finnish black metal, the band has come forth with some pretty exciting news. An official collaboration between this act of pitch-black and Woodcut Records has been inked for the 2nd full-length (the title is still unknown). It is expected to be out sometme this Autumn and there is already a sample for everybody to taste the bitterness of Korgonthurus‘ upcoming act of chaos. Make sure to follow them on Facebook as well as WoodcutRead More
Woodcut Records have unveiled the date of release of the debut album of Finnish black metallers Lord of Pagathorn. Their 12-piece work that is titled “Necros Philia” is coming in stock in October the 31st as Digi CD and LP Gatefold.  Order your copy at In the meantime, listen to “Chapter VI”  to get yourself warmed up. Note: Lord of Pagathorn have been active since 1992. Their discography includes three demos and an EP. Their vocalist and drummer Hellwind is also known for taking part in other kickass projectsRead More

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Premiere: Perdition Winds – Aura of Suffering

Inverse Records posted some good news regarding the debut album of Finnish black metallers Perdition Winds. Here are a couple of tracks from their upcoming opus “Aura of Suffering” to listen to plus some background info: “Perdition Winds was established in 2009, hailing from south of Finland. Delivering raw, minimal and cold Black Metal with scorn! No fancy dresses,no professionalism, no futile gimmicks. Only pure Black Metal! Band´s debut, “s/t” EP, was released in 2012 and now we are ready to unleash our first LP upon worldwide underground.” LP release date:  31.10.2014Read More

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Premiere: Endzeit – Years of Hunger

Lingering years of hunger painting a post-apocalyptic scenary that takes place in Detroit. Modern capitalism has fallen, the future is overshadowed and there are no more remnants of happiness. Life itself decays irreversibly.. Finnish band Endzeit  take you on a menacing journey through their debut EP “Years of Hunger”. They describe their style as “raw apocalyptic black metal”. There is an exclusive track from the EP to get you prepared for the Great Apocalypse. The official release date is September the 13th on bandcamp (digital format only). Note: Endzeit areRead More