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Winter is upon us all and if there is one band that I instantly feel like it portrays its severe beauty through their frostbitten sound, it would be Finnish act Lathspell and their blackened incantations. How have you been guys? It’s all good, after several years of hibernation we have now activated again. The new album is nearly finished and we are looking forward to playing a few live shows during the coming spring. Let me start off by asking you what exactly your band name refers to and does itRead More

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Premiere: Solacide – The Finish Line

It’s not the first time I get my hands on Via Nocturna’s productions where after just a few minutes of listening, I get stunned by the amazing quality of both visual and musical art they offer. I’ve said it many times and I feel kind of obligated to repeat it that Polish fellows do have a fine taste in extreme music and it is absolutely mandatory to spend enough time exploring that particular scene. Even taking it from a record label’s perspective, they do know to filter music and spotRead More
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Angelscourge – Seraph Impaler

Beware! Finland is on fire! With these words, I would like to start the first album recommendation after the long pause on this section with the only purpose of stressing that you are about to listen to some real badass stuff! Some of you who have downloaded the second installment of SBM’s sampler might have spotted their name in the list. Anyway, Angelscourge hail from Turku and their existence can be traced back to 2012 when they brought to this world their first ever demo “In the Realm of theRead More