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Hell yes! Finally after nearly  5 years since their last album  “Der Untergang… / Победа!!!” came out, Netherlands’ black metal outfit Cirith Gorgor are back and obviously stronger than ever. Their respected record label Hammer Heart Records made available a little video treat prior to the massive darkened feast called “Visions of Exalted Lucifer.” Beware, though, it contains a heavy usage of violence and brutality, so if you are a faint hearted individual, better off listen to the music only. Expect the album to be out on February 19th but more infoRead More
Happy accidents are the best when it comes to finding a new band that takes your breath away and changes your original plans for the day. Initially, I had in mind to share a “cover of the day” post on Google+ but after surfing the net, I accidentally spotted one hell of an artwork coming a long with a bandcamp reference to some mysterious black metal album. Driven by curiosity, I decided to play the first song of Dutch act Witte Wieven’s “Silhouettes of an Imprisoned Mind” and I wasRead More
Tsjuster of the Frisian horde Kjeld has revealed extensive details about their debut album “Skym.” I hinted about it on From the depths a while ago where I premiered their music video “Baduhenna.” If you have missed it out, scroll down a little bit, watch it and get infected! Meanwhile, see what to expect in the near future and enjoy the stunning cover artwork by Dinne Marit. “Skym” is the upcoming debut full length of Frisian black metal band Kjeld. All of its lyrics are written in our mothertongue, Frisian. The lyricsRead More
Allow me to introduce you the brand category “FROM THE DEPTHS.” In here I am going to feature some the most underground bands ever; a perfect opportunity for you to listen to fresh stuff and enrich your collection eventually. With this being said, brace yourself because we are going on a long trip to Netherlands where we are meeting Tarnkappe, Walpurgisnacht and Kjeld.  Tarnkappe Tarnkappe is a creation of members who also take part in the respected dutch bands Salacious Gods and Lugubre. So far they only released a demo titled “TussenRead More