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Posted On March 5, 2015By LifeloverIn News

New track from the upcoming album of Dizziness

Greek black metallers Dizziness have been quite busy with lots of work lately and finally it’s clear what they are up to. After their debut album “Offermort Heritage”, they have announced their second full-length titled “Bound by Strength”; a 7-pieces record, which is to be distributed in tape format. The album is expected to be unleashed sometime in March. Check out “…of Virtue and Might” featuring a guest appearance by Sykelig of Den Saakaldte. Note: Limited to 100 editions! Pre-order HERE.Read More
Welcome back to the second edition of From the depths where this time we head for the hellenic underground scene. It was a little tough to pick just three bands out of a whole bunch of others that kick major ass, meaning that we’re gonna get back to Greece again for sure! However, I know your time is precious, so lets get straight into the core! Note: For those of you who are wondering what the fuck From the depths ┬áis all about, please go through the first edition andRead More
Dizziness - Offermort Heritage

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Dizziness – Offermort Heritage

As I walk down the path of glory On the trace steps of the one and only I hold the torch of knowledge With its aenaon flame – Dizziness, Triumph of a superior idea “Offermort Heritage” is Dizziness‘s debut album, which set the barriers very high in their musical career. Somewhat reminding of the colossal oldschool northern albums with a couple of pinches from the second wave sound. A glorious album that confirms how advanced the hellenic underground scene is. Excellent first impression and sense in terms of hooking listenersRead More