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Cwealm - Odes to No Hereafter, Astraeus
It may be a little early but I am starting to slowly getting things ready to roll out a bunch of lists with 2016’s best releases. For the first installment, I’ve asked Astraeus to join. He is the mastermind of Swedish melodic black/death band Cwealm. By the way, you can check out their debut album “Odes to No Hereafter“ if you missed the official premiere.  2016 has been a good year for black metal, with Dark Funeral’s “Where Shadows Forever Reign” displaying a marvellous return to form and Uada’s “Devoid of Light”Read More
A panorama more deplorably desolate no human imagination can conceive In December 2013, Naturmacht Production released Immersion, the debut album of Depressive/Atmospheric Black Metal Band Depicting Abysm from St. Petersburg, Russia. Behind Depicting Abysm are the two musicians A (all instruments/Programming) and K (vox), both known for their other project, Epitimia. Reducing the names shows just perfectly what Immersion is about: The individual is reduced to nothing in the face of the overwhelming, endless ocean that is as beautiful as deadly. The sea is centre point of attention in theRead More