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Italian avant-garde black metal duo Dawn of A Dark Age have proven themselves to be a productive band for a fairly short amount of time. In July they released their first conceptual album “The Six Elements, vol.1 Earth” [see article] that is based on a sequence related to the five elements (earth, water, air, fire and spirit). Now in turn is about to come their second opus “Six Elements, vol.2 Water”, which maintains the same tradition of including six tracks as the previous album with a total duration of 36 minutes.Read More
Dawn of A Dark Age – an Italian underground act releases their debut album “The Six Elements, vol.1 Earth.” Let me put it this way. It’s the first of many. This album is the first of six and all of them will be based on a global concept where each element has its own unique characteristic, starting from a raw black metal matrix, and including folk and avant-garde elements. In addition, each of the six albums will be composed by six tracks. Best of all, the album is up forRead More