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Darkenhöld is a band that I’ve had the privilege to write about in the past; to be more specific, 3 years ago when I presented their outstanding opus “Castellum“. These French fellas are absolute craftsmen when it comes to evoking epic fantasy themes coated by harsh melodic black metal. Since then, I’ve become a somewhat passionate fan of theirs and today, I’m gonna share why (plus, their latest record “Memoria Sylvarium“). An ode to the solitary explorations of the forests of south-east of France… When a band is capable to blend intricateRead More

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A blast from the recent past: Darkenhöld and Sühnopfer

Surprisingly, there are lots of folks out there who still appreciate and support artists who release their albums the old fashioned way – tapes. So I decided to dedicate this quick writing to all individuals who enjoy listening to black metal through their cassette players rather than any other kind of media, which is popular nowadays. I have picked two records, one of which some of you might be already familiar with [read Darkenhöld – “Castellum” review] and Sühnopfer’s “Offertoire.” What’s common about these two is that they are absolutely mind-blowing epic/melodic black albums,Read More

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Top 10 best black metal albums of 2014

(Valenten, the mastermind of Askrinn was generous to share with SBM his top 10 underground black metal albums plus samples for free streaming.) The Great Old Ones : Tekeli-Li This is one of my favorite albums from the year. I am a big Lovecraft fan and although using his works may for some sound cliché, I realized that few metal artists are actually focusing their musical universe around his work. However, The Great Old Ones successfully managed to recreate and even reinforce the mesmerizing atmosphere present in the books, withRead More
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Darkenhöld – Castellum

Before getting into the core of this article, I’d like to begin by sending my special regards to Oliver of Ollo Promotion. Thanks to him I got to know Darkenhöld and their brand new full-length “Castellum”. Being a huge fan of French black metal, I pay close attention to what’s going on over there and try to track  (as much as possible) the emerging bands. Darkenhöld, however, managed to slip out of my sight and by the time I found out about them, these guys had made a 3rd album. Epicness of epic proportions DarkenhöldRead More