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Cruda Sorte - Nekrolog CD
Today, I picked an album that had stuck in my heart deeply and I am sure it will be there for a long time. Meet Cruda Sorte whose sophomore piece “Nekrolog” has everything it takes to be among the most fascinating melancholic/depressive black metal albums released in 2016! Foreword Cruda Sorte hails from Berlin, Germany. The band was established back in 2005 and offers a short but consistent list of quality material to explore. My journey to get to know their music started in opposition to chronology with “Nekrolog.” After a numberRead More
cruda sorte interview
In today’s installment I introduce German black metal act Cruda Sorte in possibly the longest and most insightful interview that I’ve ever conducted so far. I’ve had the opportunity to discuss various topics with the band’s mastermind Nathanael. Salutations guys! Cruda Sorte has never been discussed in-depth on SBM e-zine before and I would like you to tell us a bit about the story of the band. According to metal-archives it all started in 2005. Can you elaborate on Cruda Sorte’s history? I think there is still not so muchRead More

Posted On September 5, 2015By LifeloverIn Compilation

SBM sampler vol. 2 unleashed

I am very excited to present you the second volume of Support Black Metal’s sampler! What you can find in this brand new installment is some superb underground black metal bands from around the globe offering amazing and various experiences. This time, the sampler has been uploaded in three versions: complete, part 1 and part 2. In case your connection is slow, you are welcome to download it part by part. Read no more and get your hands on this pure gem now! Read More