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Torrid Husk / End - Swallow Matewan; black metal albums of 2016
This year has been busy for me on multiple fronts, therefore catching up with 2016’s breed was a tough task. However, I did my best to scan what popular metal publishers have already covered in their year end lists and came up with the following. Instead of repeating what has been praised probably 100 times now, I will present you a retrospection that will cover  hardly ever mentioned albums.  Be sure to bookmark this post as it will be the only dedicated one to summing up some of the finest albumsRead More
celestial grave - burial ground trance
Iron Bonehead Productions shared a glimpse of the upcoming record of Finnish black metal band Celestial Grave. The album is titled “Burial Ground Trance“; a demonic offering in the name of the bottomless abyss. The two-piece band has already made available for the masses a mind-blowing track for free streaming. As of now, tracklist is not available but I strongly recommend you to subscribe for our newsletter for more updates. No more rambling. Behold “The Heartbeats Drum!” PS: In the meantime, feel free to check out some the killer releases by Iron BoneRead More