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Blood Moon - Through the Scarlet Veil cover

Posted On December 22, 2016By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

Premiere: Blood Moon – Through the Scarlet Veil

Blood Moon is a mysterious circle of Luciferian worshippers, which I Introduced on Saturday massacre a while ago. Now, the band has unleashed their debut full-length bearing the name “Through the Scarlet Veil” for free consumption on Bandcamp. This 8-piece track list will immerse you into a ritual gathering to awaken the Bringer of Light.  The compositions will walk you through the initial stages of summoning to the praise of His kingdom’s arrival. I would not consider this album just a musical experience rather than a profound occult journey. In fact, itRead More
deathrow - like a lion devouring the sun

Posted On June 25, 2016By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

Saturday massacre: Deathrow and Blood Moon

Mighty one-man act Deathrow has come forth with a new EP that will teach you a good lesson in underground black metal. “Like a Lion Devouring the Sun” is an awesome correlation between oldschool and the 2nd wave done the Thorns‘ way, so to speak. The EP is limited to 250 7″ LP hand-numbered copies released by New Era Productions. When it comes to Deathrow, I always come at a loss for words, so better check out “The Bottomless Pit of Anger” and make your first impression. Order “Like a Lion Devouring the Sun“Read More