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Posted On May 25, 2016By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

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Grey Heaven Fall are no strangers to SBM. I have recommended their incredible album “Black Wisdom” in March and if you’ve missed out on it, go give it a try. It exemplifies the might and supremacy of black/death metal! In about a month ago, Grey Heaven Fall has unleashed a music video to “Black Wisdom“, which adds up even more intensity than before. These guys brought more darkness to blackened death metal, so I strongly recommend you to check out the video as well as spend some time listening theRead More
Grey Heaven Fall - Black Wisdom / support black metal
Last year was the year of black metal and many fans as well as media collectively admitted that undisputed fact. The lists of best of the best albums seemed endless hence catching up with everything that was coming out was equal to convincing one that there is a higher entity than almighty Chuck Norris. Hopefully, I won’t be punished for saying his name in vain.. Last year, I also decided not to join the “Best albums” train and instead I compiled an article of some of the most promising yet hardlyRead More
This is the time of the year when most bloggers are writing possibly the most awaited and beneficial articles because they are (in most cases) a remarkable source of new and exciting albums. However, with this installment, I will not focus on the albums that I had the pleasure to write about, but just the opposite; I will share titles that I wish I had but for countless reasons I couldn’t acquire or find the time to recommend them all. Retrospection in black features 30 albums that are just aRead More