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Akhlys - The Dreaming I

Posted On January 5, 2016By LifeloverIn Artwork, News

Black Metal Cover Art series: II

I can’t believe it’s been nearly two years since I posted the first installment of “Black Metal Cover Art series.” Frankly, one of the many reasons to postpone the new episode of this art-dedicated sequence is because of how picky I am when it comes to visual design. To me, a successfully communicating artwork embodies creativity, broad-mindedness, brush mastery over level 99999 and originality. Many of my cover expeditions ended shortly after the beginning for I was overwhelmed by the same old shit: inverted images of guys wearing corpse paint,Read More

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Two years supporting black metal underground and counting

Two years past miracously fast and for such a short period of time, I can say that it was hell of a ride. This zine was born out of pure love for extreme music and it will live on as long as it is fueled by talented bands that I encounter on a daily basis. So, Happy Birthday to SBM and all the folks out there who throw an eye on it every once in a while!  In this article I would like to recap what happened for those twoRead More

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Support Black Metal gives away two albums

Update: The giveaway has come to its end and below you can see the names of the winners.  Support Black Metal celebrates the first birthday of its existence with lots of beer and quality black metal. For the past time, SBM has grown from a simple Google+ page into an e-zine that strives to support talanted musicians from around the globe. This journey through the world of darkness have landed many valuable connections, friendships and last but definitely not the least, broadened my perspective in terms of musical versatility. AllRead More

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An extended interview with Noktu of Mortifera

Noktu is known as the lead singer & founder of Mortifera, Celestia and mastermind of Drakkar Productions. He has agreed to introduce Mortifera, share some wisdom and life experience with us. Hi Noktu. First of all thank you for finding time to answer my questions. I know you are very busy with the band and label activities. Could you briefly introduce your band Mortifera? MORTIFERA is a project I created in 2000/2001. At that time, I needed to do something different from my other band CELESTIA and I started to compose new songs for anotherRead More

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Premiere: Endzeit – Years of Hunger

Lingering years of hunger painting a post-apocalyptic scenary that takes place in Detroit. Modern capitalism has fallen, the future is overshadowed and there are no more remnants of happiness. Life itself decays irreversibly.. Finnish band Endzeit  take you on a menacing journey through their debut EP “Years of Hunger”. They describe their style as “raw apocalyptic black metal”. There is an exclusive track from the EP to get you prepared for the Great Apocalypse. The official release date is September the 13th on bandcamp (digital format only). Note: Endzeit areRead More
 (This album is recommended by Black Metal Mother) If you sorted through black metal like a box of weapons, Thy Darkened Shade would be definitely qualify as one of the grenades. Released in 2012, this 2 piece project attacks with their debut full length “Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs” in an old school way. Strongly influenced by Norwegian black metal it also harbors elements of punk riffing and it seethes with Greek rage on every track. Thy Darkened Shade describe themselves as “Acausal Necrosophic Black Metal” so rules are out the door.Read More
One way to continue to prove to all of you out there that black metal is developing, bettering and so vast that you can’t have enough of, is by shedding light on bands such as Soul Dissolution. This premiere is all about melancholy that meets extreme metal and shapes an outstanding outcome called “Cold Rays and Grey Waves.” Unbearable pressure, being torn apart,… an existence can end in many ways. It can also dim slowly, as a lantern in the growing fog, eventually disappearing from sight, dissolving into nothingness. Following the declineRead More
Spanish band Marasme returns with a new album that seems to be “darker than ever.”  “De Llums I Ombres” is their second full-length that pushes the limits further and continues the band’s tradition to experiment by incorporating ingridients from post-rock to black metal and even doom. You can stream the album for free below and make your first impression. Note: “De Llums I Ombres” is currently available for purchasing in digital format on bandcamp. The physical release ( LP vynil limited to 320 pieces) is expected to be out on September theRead More
In this article we plunge into the French underground where our guest-writer Ghosth meets Malcuidant for an informal chat about their musical background and other aspects related to black metal. A journey towards the past, present and future of Malcuidant. Special regards for the opportunity this interview to take place. Now lets get to know the band. Ghosth: Greetings! Could you briefly present Malcuidant? Malcuidant: Malcuidant is a French band performing Art Sombre music. It is composed of Garrgl, Waldhorn, Azgrth et Ayrhomm, the founding member. We are currently working with Apparitia RecordingsRead More
Tsjuster of the Frisian horde Kjeld has revealed extensive details about their debut album “Skym.” I hinted about it on From the depths a while ago where I premiered their music video “Baduhenna.” If you have missed it out, scroll down a little bit, watch it and get infected! Meanwhile, see what to expect in the near future and enjoy the stunning cover artwork by Dinne Marit. “Skym” is the upcoming debut full length of Frisian black metal band Kjeld. All of its lyrics are written in our mothertongue, Frisian. The lyricsRead More