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Let’s call the 1st chapter of Black Metal Saturday done! Initially, I had in mind to continue with the 11th episode today but it somehow came to me naturally to summarise all these awesome 100 bands that I featured in the past 10 weeks. Whether you have missed some of the episodes or maybe you’ve forgotten of a favourite band, this is a perfect occasion to catch up.¬† Note: To stream all albums for free, simply click on the titles below and you’ll be redirected to the right place. EnjoyRead More
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Posted On April 16, 2016By LifeloverIn Black Metal Saturday, News

Black Metal Saturday: The Beginning

Black Metal Saturday: Your Massive Weekend Dose of Underground Blackness What’s up, folks? It’s been a while since you heard from me the last time and the reason behind that is my day job. Anyway, for the time I was far away from SBM, I had plenty of moments¬†to reckon on how to balance my work life and my passion for spreading underground black metal and guess what? I got struck by a super non-innovative idea for a new weekend series that is meant to satisfy your everlasting thirst ofRead More