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Lychgate - An Antidote for the Glass Pill / support black metal
The rise of what is to become an omnipresent entity; of genious and consuming madness. Let me start with a foreword. This year has been exceptional because I have been honored to follow the development of a massive manifestation of evolvement and progress in what many old-fashioned folks claim that is “dead” for a long time. Black metal has reached another level of supremacy that is far beyond the surface and it transformed in what could serve as a source of invaluable knowledge and inspiration for people willing to loseRead More
So many sub-genres are out there and seeing the term “intelligent black metal” may get you puzzled but let me explain. Intelligence is a higher form of understanding everything that surrounds us and it is also a wellspring of all things supreme that hover above mediocrity. In this sense, when combined with art, for example, it gives birth to a sophisticated and thought-provoking outcomes that are not only memorable but everlasting. So, one evening as I was browsing in my not so favorite profile on Facebook, I stumbled upon AbsolutusRead More
It has been two years since I was introduced to the debut self titled album of Lychgate, which brought to the fans of obscure music a different vision of black metal from what we are all used to listen to. In many ways, the band deviates from this genre because the foundation that their work is based upon is sophisticated concepts and musical components that form something beyond labels and simple descriptions. Three years after the highly acclaimed first record appeared, Lychgate announced their sophomore opus that bears the title “AnRead More
Hegemone - Luminosity / support black metal

Posted On January 13, 2015By LifeloverIn Albums, Atmospheric/Avant-garde

Hegemone – Luminosity

Today I added yet another valuable asset to my collection reconfirming that 2014 was a very yielding year for extreme metal followers. Hegemone, a post/blackened sludge metal quartet from Poland shared with me their debut album “Luminosity”, which by the way, is up for free streaming/downloading on bandcamp [follow the links below]. Let’s get into it! The concept of “Luminosity” is as broad as the music itself. It’s not to be given a description as every individual will perceive it differently while getting deeper into it. Take it like a trip towardsRead More