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Ur Draugr is new blood to the Australian extreme underground who have brought in refreshing ideas when it comes to avant-garde musicianship. The band assembled earlier in 2014, featuring past and present members of Wardaemonic, Impiety and more. Ur Draugr’s self-produced debut album “Augur Unboden”  is plannned to see the winter light of the day sometime in December, so stay tuned and follow them on Facebook. Meanwhile, check out an excerpt below as well as some more of the artwork by Jeff Christensen.  Read More

Posted On June 1, 2014By NekristIn Albums, Black-Death/Doom/Funeral

Norse – Pest

Rough Edges from Down Under Norse is, as you may have already guessed, an Australian band from New South Wales that produces very fine and very black metal. Their second album, All is Mist and Fog, brought Norse, around since 2006, to my attention. On June the 7th, Norse will release their new EP Pest via Bandcamp, to make sure our summer is enriched with the stench of sickness and putrefaction while the sun vanishes beneath a shroud. Pest is almost 30 minutes of cumbersome Black Metal that is notRead More