Support Black Metal Sampler vol. 3 is Officially Out

Support Black Metal sampler vol. 3

It’s official! Support Black Metal Sampler Vol. 3 is out! After a long and steady work on this project, I am very excited to finally let you know that you can download this package of exceptional underground black metal for free.

Unlike the previous edition, you can check out an exclusive preview below. Support Black Metal Sampler Vol. 3 contains 25 tracks featuring bands from all around the globe.

Furthermore, if you feel like you want to support the bands that you’ve liked, please have a look at the “Buy albums” section.

I would like to thank all record labels for their willingness to take part in the sampler. Here they are:

Nigra Mors, Neverheard Records, Iron Bonehead Productions, Black Blood Records, Eisenwald Tonschmiede and Aratron Productions.

Note: The package has been uploaded in 2 versions – complete, part 1 & 2. In case, your network connection is slow, I strongly recommend you to go with the split version.

Download Complete | Download Part 1 | Download Part 2

Participating bands:

Asregen, Atanor,  Black Funeral, Celestial Grave, Grabak, Grimoire, Kolac, Light of the Morning Star, Locus Amoenus, Malvm, Moloch, Natrium Muriaticum, Nekrypteia, Odal, Ordo Obsidium, Pestnebel, Project Grey, Skullthrone, Skyforest, Spire, Standvast, Temple Nightside, Thanatomania, Wargoatcult and Xerion.

1. Asregen – Saturnus’ nacht 
2. Atanor – S/T / contact [email protected] to ask if it is available
3. Black Funeral – Ankou and the Death Fire
4. Celestial Grave – Burial Ground Trance [Cassette]
5. Grabak – Sin
6. Grimoire – À la lumière des cendres / contact [email protected] to ask it it is available
7. Kolac – Zauvek Crni [Cassette] / contact [email protected] to ask if it is available
8. Light Of The Morning Star – Cemetery Glow
9. Locus Amoenus – Sic Erat Scriptum [Cassette]
10. Malvm – Cvltvs Diaboli / contact [email protected] to ask if it is available
11. Moloch – Verwüstung
12. Natrium Muriaticum – Tugia “Magna Opera Mortiis” / contact [email protected] to ask if it is available
13. Nekrypteia – Αέναον κλέος /  contact [email protected] to ask if it is available
14. Odal – Geistes Unruh [Vinyl]
15. Ordo Obsidium – A Crooked Path to Desolation
16. Pestnebel – Nachtwelten
17. Project Grey – Dead Fragments
18. Skullthrone – to be released / contact [email protected] for further details
19. Skyforest – Unity
20. Spire – Entropy
21. Standvast – Afkomst [Cassette] / contact [email protected] to ask if it is available
22. Temple Nightside – The Hecatomb
23. Thanatomania –  Drangsal
24. Wargoatcult – El puerco de Cristo / contact [email protected] to ask if it is available
25. Xerion – Aura/Xerion / contact [email protected] to ask if it is available

Copyright disclaimer: Images as well as musical content in this sampler solely belong to their respected artists. Each band has granted their approval to have their songs included and be available for free download.