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Premiere: Svartidauði – Hideous Silhouettes of Lynched Gods

 A hideously infectious new EP by Svartidauði 

You may have read multiple times already that Icelandic black metal is still hot in 2016 and I can totally agree with that statement. This seemingly unstoppable onslaught continues with full force, case in point Svartidauði and their new EP “Hideous Silhouettes of Lynched Gods.

Extremely hypnotic, bursting with awe-inspiring dark magnetism, this 2-pieces mini album will cast a deep shadow over your mind, invoke a vortex of bleak thoughts and totally turn upside down your ‘true black metal’ conception. Frankly, with nearly every decent release I come across lately, I can see this genre as becoming darker and more beautiful at the same time, which Svartidauði exemplify with the preview song “Dthrp” or “Deathtrip.”

A little known fact is that the two tracks were recorded in 2010 but due to unfortunate circumstances, the official release of  “Hideous Silhouettes of Lynched Gods” has been delayed up until now. 

Connoisseurs can acquire an LP copy from renowned record label Terratur Possessions whose infamous distro is a hotspot for high quality underground black metal, in my opinion. If interested to check out more of their roster, do not hesitate to follow them on Soundcloud HERE


  1. Hellish Visions
  2. Dthtrp

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