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Premiere: Morar – Wahlheim

Almost one year ago, I had the pleasure to listen to and analyze the amazing debut EP of Morar titled “Chants of Ossian” and today I am excited to share that there’s more coming. The band that is still shrouded in mystery (no lineup and no country of origin announced) unveiled the date of arrival of their debut full-length that bears the name “Wahlheim.” Deeply rooted in atmospheric black metal, Morar’s new piece of sophistication and beauty includes 7 tracks, one of which you can check out below. Apocalyptic Art and Nebular Winter Productions are taking care of releasing and distribution of the album starting from January the 15th/16th, so set aside some cash, cause there’s nothing better than starting a new year with a new album such as this one. 

Morar Homepage | Morar on Facebook | Apocalyptic Art Homepage| Nebular Winter Productions Homepage

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