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Premiere: Insane Vesper – Layil

After 5 years since the debut “Abomination of Death“, French unholy coven Insane Vesper has come forth and shed some light on their long-awaited sophomore record “Layil.” Bonus for us, the impatient followers of the dark is that there is already a preview up on the net thanks to Art of Propaganda who are responsible for producing and distributing the album across the world. 

What to expect? Well, approximately 42 minutes or 6 tracks of infectious black metal in the traditional vein. You can preview the 3rd track off the tracklist titled  “Seed of Inanna” as well as check out the rest of what’s to come out below.

Note: “Layil” is scheduled for release on 1st July and as far as I am aware, it will be issued on CD but who knows, maybe vinyl collectors will get lucky, as well. Pre-orders are not available as of now but you can follow Art of Propaganda HERE and Insane Vesper HERE for upcoming updates. 


1. Blood of the Moon
2. Of Serpent’s Embrace
3. Seed of Inanna
4. Scorned Ascension
5. Sink the Ark of Knowledge
6. The Circle

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