Being overwhelmed lately with shit load of stuff from my daily life, I slowed down the activity here and now, I wanna give you a reward for your patience. I have stumbled upon one soul-eviscerating release from Blood Harvest that has kept me in awe for quite a while with its omnipresent  and bleak sounding. Embrace the debut EP of blackened death metallers Caecus whose title is short and to the point – “Affliction.” This one is a superior example of how the brutality of death metal and the grimness of black metal being mashed together properly, can result in a legendary sonic devastation. With the short tracklist of 3 songs, Caecus bind their darkened instrumental work with lyrical themes that express morbid fascination with the human frailty in a way that will make you replay it over and over again. “Affliction” is out on November the 30th and you can already pre-order it via the link below. Get infected now and support the underground as always!

Caecus on Facebook | Buy “Affliction” in vynil HERE


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