Astral Winter - Forest of Silence

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Premiere: Astral Winter – Forest of Silence

Of Winter magic and desolation

One-man melodic black metal act Astral Winter has finally come forth with a set in stone release date of the long-awaited 3rd album titled “Forest of Silence.” If you haven’t seen this promo before, it’s actually not new at all.

The preview of the second track “When Moonlight Evokes The Frozen Night” was uploaded on Youtube back in June 2013! From that point on, there was no further information of when it would come out until I just stumbled upon the exact date while browsing on Immortal Frost Productions‘ homepage. 

The big day is 28 November 2016 and despite there is a lot of time left to wait, you can still catch up with the existing phenomenal releases of Astral Winter HERE.  

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1. Pathway To The Ancient Forest
2. When Moonlight Evokes The Frozen Night
3. The Palace Of The Prophets
4. As I Embrace The Winter Winds
5.  Defenders Of The Astral Kingdom (Part II)
6. The Summoning Of Arcane Magic
7. .Forest Of Silence (Outro)

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