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Premiere: Alene Misantropi – Absence of Light

Alene Misantropi is an aspiring Spanish duo whose craft falls under the depressive black metal category. The band was conceived in 2014 and a year later “Absence of Light” –  a set of two confessions followed and outlined the band’s first ever mini album. In March 2016, Alene Misantropi is gonna pull out their debut album, which keeps the same title as their EP but expands the tracklist with 3 new songs that consume the listener into a still dimension of depressive illusions and overwhelming pessimism. Contrary to the menacing energies it embodies deep within, the music is simply breathtaking and calming. “Absence of Light” is limited to 500 CDs (jewel case). For orders and general inquiries, you may contact Damnatio Ad Bestialis HERE or Alene Misantropi HERE. Meanwhile, you can listen to the official preview of the album as well as take a peek at the complete tracklist below.

1. Confessions Of A Man in Fear (Part I)

2. Absence of Light 
3. Confessions Of A Man in Fear (Part II)
4. Golden Blood Sea 
5. Solitude, Pessimist and Self-Destructive 

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