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New devastating album by Wrong coming in April

A year later after releasing “Memories of Sorrow”, Spanish bringers of desolation Wrong have come back charged with more negativity than ever to continue their legacy in destruction. In April the 22nd their new album “Pessimistic Outcomes” is seeing the light of the day and it is released through Xtreem music. The album’s concept is about a world consumed by ashes, where despair, pessimism and hatred govern mankind; condemned to exist in misfortune, wandering desolate landscapes, gradually weakening until breath leaves them.

“Pessimistic Outcomes” is an authentic experience that we recommend to put yourself through. The album features a music video of the self titled song, which is to be released. However, you can preview track below, follow the band and pre-order your copy. In addition, the band generously gives you the opportunity to download for free their previous album via their bandcamp page in order to be able to catch up and get familiar with their destructive art.
Wrong - Pessimistic Outcomes - COVER 800x800

Pre-order Pessimistic Outcomes | Download for free Memories of Sorrow | Facebook Twitter  | Youtube

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