Musta Messias

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Listen to the debut EP of Musta Messias

Speaking of newborn bands, the original idea that SBM was founded on, I have got my hands on one particularly interesting act of 2016 that I could not help myself but share with the ones who are always on the look for fresh blood. Meet Musta Messias and their debut self-titled EP. 

I guess the best way to describe “Musta Messias” is 3 tracks of Northern black metal capturing the essence of the early 90’s. The unknown (for the time being) lineup states that the backbone of their music is the ultimate glorification of the Serpent below. Musta Messias is not on any social networks and the only way to reach them is by sending a message on Bandcamp.

Note: “Musta Messias” is available on a limited tape edition of 100 copies only! Orders can be made via Bandcamp exclusively!

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