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Listen to a new track from Lashblood’s upcoming album

Good news for fans of avant-garde black metal! Russian metallers Lashblood just published on Soundcloud a demo mix from their upcoming record “UnBeing” and after listening to it for the first time, I can confirm that it will be a massive, possibly game-changer. However, there is not tracklist, artwork nor date of release available so far. Still, you can listen to the track “To Rest…” and taste of what’s coming.


Here is a quote from Lashblood’s Facebook page:

So we fully focused on the mastering of our new full-length album “UnBeing” which we planning to release next year. Like the previous record, the new album will plunge to new depths of self-flagellation and talk about diverse existential world around us.

Lashblood also appeared on SBM sampler vol2 HERE.

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