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Listen to a new track from Æðra’s upcoming Perseiderna

Another great underground band such as Æðra returns after 5 years since their latter release “The Evening Red.”  Naturmacht Productions have finally uncovered all the details for the sophomore opus “Perseiderna” including an exclusive track to taste of what’s coming.  The album is expected to be a solid melodic/atmospheric piece of art, which will be available for purchase as of 17 December. Below, you can check out the complete track list as well as listen to the 5th song “Svartån.” 

Track list:

1.  Perseiderna
2. The Rainflower Crest
3. Tracing Luna’s Path
4. Alpenglow
5. Svartån
6. The Shoreline’s a Starting Point…
7. …for the Long Road Home

is an American one-man act whose first self-titled debut demo appeared in 2007. The band’s name is an Icelandic adjective that roughly translates “of something higher, more exalted.”

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