Furia - Ksiezyc Milczy Luty

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Furia set to release Ksiezyc Milczy Luty in November [updated]

Update: “Ksiezyc Milczy Luty” now available for full streaming below the track list!

Mark November on your calendars for great things are ahead of us! For instance, Antaeus are on the verge of releasing a new album and now Furia? Progressively, it is becoming a challenging task to catch up with so many awesome albums coming in one month. Don’t you feel the same? For bands like Furia, this year has been truly productive. First, they are releasing an EP tomorrow titled “Guido.” It consists of 6 hymns keeping the traditional misanthropic and depressive vein, which is a trademark of theirs. However, things don’t end here. Next month will follow up their 5th full-length opus “Ksiezyc Milczy Luty.”

Very much like “Guido“,  “Ksiezyc Milczy Luty” will offer a track list of 6 moody pieces. Once again, Pagan Records will handle the distribution starting from 14 November. The album comes in a jewel-case edition with a 16 page booklet. As of now, you can only get yourself immersed into the artwork and track list. However, I am expecting very soon to have a preview, so keep an eye on our news feed. 

Track list:

1. Za ćmą, w dym
2. Ciało
3. Tam jest tu
4. Grzej
5. Zabieraj łapska
6. Zwykłe czary wieją




While waiting for November, you can check out the official teaser of “Guido.” It was recorded live in Zabrze, 320 meters underground! This is undoubtedly a very unique approach and I am sure the final outcome will surprise us all. Guido“is already up on Bandcamp, and I suspect tomorrow all tracks will be available for free streaming. Keep an eye folks, for as I said, great things are ahead! 


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