Lord of Pagathorn - Daimono Philia / support black metal

Lord of Pagathorn is one of those Finnish bands that seem to stay deeply in the shadows. Even though the band’s lifespan leads back to 1992 having a number of releases, they never really showed up under the spotlight. Frankly, I love that because it makes you work your way in order to find such a previous legacy as theirs. Anyway, 4 years after their debut “Nekros Philia came out, the trio returns with full force, meaning new year and a new album.

It is very exciting for me to share with you the first glimpse of their sophomore full-length “Daimono Philia“. Expect an expansive track list with 9 songs of blasting Finnish black metal honouring his Infernal Majesty in the most traditional manner. The release day is 31st January and your number one source to acquire a copy is Woodcut Records. Let me also remind you that Hellwind (a.k.a. Lord of Pagathorn’s vocalist) contributes to Sargeist as well as Desolate Shrine. Yet another names that I’d highly encourage to get familiar with (in case you haven’t). Enjoy!

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Track list:

1.  Intro: Nietzscherion
2. Evil to Destroy Evil
3. Ghosts Among Us
4. Prayer of Desecration
5. Rise of the Celestial
6. Builders of the Higher Places
7. The Spirit of Perversion
8. Spiritual Spiral Stairs
9. Throne of Lucifer


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