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First Glimpse from Ande’s Upcoming Album “Het Gebeente” [Updated]

Almost immediately after the Christmas madness is over and we step into 2017, a number of solid albums will be unleashed upon the masses. A few days ago, I’ve been recommended to check out Ande, which is a one-man act masterminded by Jimmy Christiaens from Belgium. The band was conceived back in 2015 and so far, he has put out a single full-length titled “Licht.”  In all honesty, I am not familiar with that particular release as I discovered the band through a preview of “Het Gebeente” on Soundcloud.

Nevertheless, my first impression of “Gebukt”, the 3rd song off the track list is excellent. First off, Ande appears to have overcome the challenges of producing everything on his own without hassle managing to express his creative mindset coherently. The overall tone of the music creates a desolate atmosphere reminiscent of the first wave through repetitive riffs and obscure, torturous vocals. The essence of each element building up the final track bears a strong winter-like vibe of severely cold nature. 

Speaking of the lyrics, as stated by Jimmy himself, they encompass dark and personal themes. He has chosen to voice them in his mother tongue (Dutch). You can check out the complete track list as well as listen to “Gebukt” below.

Het Gebeente” is available on digital format starting from 7th January 2017. You can follow Ande on both Facebook as well as the band’s official website

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