I cannot believe that it has been over 1 year since the last installment in our blitz category called “From the Depths.” It is time to dust it off by introducing 3 underground bands and their respective albums that caught my attention, so let’s get right into it. 

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I have come across to Thanatomania thanks to their label, namely Schattenkult Produktionen. I was instantly prepared for black metal in the traditional vein and my expectations were justified shortly after hitting the play button. This German act manifested itself  for the first time in 2013 with the demo “Mykonismus“, however that’s not what caught my eye in the first place. Instead, I was drawn to “Resignation” or Thanatomania’s grand debut whose official release was on 20 March, 2018. How timely of me, isn’t it? Anyway, I’ve been granted with the following preview whose essence spellbound me immediately through those hyper infectious riffs, chilling vocals and overall execution honouring the forefathers of the genre. 


Italy’s Mascharat is an interesting entity to nitpick. Firstly, the band name translates in 2 different variants, which are tightly interconnected speaking of lyrical themes. Translating from Arabic, it means “joke, prank and trick” while it also resembles the Italian term “maschera” that stands for mask. Ever since this coven was born in 2010, it aspired in delivering authentic narrations that deal with occult literature, religion and carnival traditions. I’ve been presented with Mascharat’s firstborn self-titled full-length whose track list is woven in symbolism leading to obscure initiation and then transformation. Interestingly, carnival masks take a central position! As to the compositions, they are rooted in the primal spirit with a melodic inclination. It is available in its entirety below, so give it a thorough listen. 

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Baume branches out of the French collective Cepheide, being masterminded by Juif Gaetan (vocals & guitars). In case you are new to SBM, I highly recommend getting yourself familiar with Cepheide as I’ve covered their work extensively over the years and it’s worth every second of your time! Baume continues their tradition in delivering immersive atmospheric black metal coated by melancholy. It’s devastating yet beautiful, captivating and hypnotic, erasing every trace of time whatsoever. I’ve been very positively surprised by this debut album and I definitely advise you to check out “Les Années Décapitées” via the Bandcamp player below. 

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