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From the depths: Martrod, Prosternatur and Yith

You see, there are times when you cannot put on hold good news. The pressure is so high that the only relief lies into sharing the word with those who dare to know. In today’s From the depths installment, I have collected yet another 3 outstanding bands (Martrod, Prosternatur and Yith) that will give you shivers down the spine at the very least.


I hate the term “super group” but I that would be the best way to describe the international band Martrod. Given the diverse pool of talents that completes the highly prolific lineup of the band, I guess there is no other way to introduce this name. 

Martrod was conceived sometime back in 2014 by 6 preachers of the dark – Thorns (drums / Deathrow, Blut aus Nord, Darvaza), Lyngdal (guitars / Wormlust), A.P. (guitars / Chaos Moon, Krieg), D.G. (bass / Misþyrming), Wrest (guitars / Leviathan) and MkM (vocals / Antaeus and Aosoth). 

Collecting each band member’s own vision of total darkness has come together into the well-rounded EP titled “Transmutation of Wounds.” This is a mini-album consisting of 2 tracks with a total length of 16 minutes. Pretty much enough to cover your entire world in impenetrable obscurity where hideous entities starve for fresh souls.  

Transmutation of Wounds” is outlined by an excellent production and musicianship at a high level of mastery that brings terror to unknown heights. If you would like to pick a copy, check out Terratur Possessions’ shop. Let the sound below transmute into everlasting bleeding stigmas. 

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Continuing in the same vein, I’ve picked another remarkably disturbing album by a mysterious coven. According to Metal-Archives, Prosternatur is an international band with a lineup scattered across Europe. And that’s basically all that one can learn as to background story whatsoever.

Currently, there is no information of who stands behind Prosternatur. Whoever they are, they know how to evoke an occult and menacing atmosphere through their music. Their debut album “Abyssus Abyssum Invocat” is everything but nice and calming.

I gotta tell you, it so captivating yet mind-bending that erases the thin line between light and dark. The whole track list is a ritual whose one and only purpose is to bring Hell on Earth. Very disturbing and light-devouring music for the ones who crave for the beauty in abomination.

Abyssus Abyssum Invocat” is produced by Mercenary Musik, so make sure to head over to their website and check out the rest of their stuff.

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Update 07.11.2016: The official Bandcamp page of the band has been removed! You can refer to the following video:



To conclude this post appropriately and sever the life-giving strings from your body entirely, I introduce US-based one-man act Yith. Since its dawn in 2010, the band has pulled off better and more promising black/doom records.

Dread“,  Yith’s debut full-length is a 40 minute set of oppressing songs for the mourning souls. It entails both sorrowful and bleak vibes that will replace the spark of life with pitch-black void. 

Despite its essence of grief, it is somehow capable to soothe the restless spirits with a subtle caress and let them depart into the nothingness once and for all. Enter the dominion of pain and set your essence free..

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