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Debut album of Askrinn coming in November

4pp CD  Booklet.aiAskrinn (translated from old Norse “The Ashtree”) is a French pagan black metal act whose work is heavily inspired by Arckanum. So far the band’s discography consists of a single that is entitled “Fé Vældr Frænda Róge”, which is up for free streaming below. After a relatively long period, the time for the debut album “Hjørleifsljóð” has come.  The new opus is going to happen in November 2014 but bear in mind that it is limited to 60 copies CD edition. Pre-orders are yet available HERE.

“Hjørleifsljóð” is an adaptation of the Icelandic saga “The Saga of Half  or Hálfssaga” (Hálfs saga ok Hálfsrekka), which was written in four chapters back in the 14th century. In order to fit the primeval meaning of the tale, the lyrics are writen in old Norse. The album includes four tracks plus one cover of Bornhom’s classic “Hymn To The Forgotten Pagan Gods”. Preview is planned to come in early October, so stay tuned. 


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1. Bjarmalandsfør Hjørleifs konungs
2. Hjørleifr mægðist við Hreiðar konung
3. Frá spám marmennils 
4. Frá konungum, Hjørleifi ok Hreiðari
5. Hymn To The Forgotten Pagan Gods (Bornholm cover)

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