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Darkenhöld – Castellum

darkenhöld _castellum_2014_those_opposed_records_ollo_promotionBefore getting into the core of this article, I’d like to begin by sending my special regards to Oliver of Ollo Promotion. Thanks to him I got to know Darkenhöld and their brand new full-length “Castellum”. Being a huge fan of French black metal, I pay close attention to what’s going on over there and try to track  (as much as possible) the emerging bands. Darkenhöld, however, managed to slip out of my sight and by the time I found out about them, these guys had made a 3rd album.

Epicness of epic proportions

Darkenhöld are immersed in medieval times when proud men fought on the blood-soaked battlefields and majestic strongholds stood tall. This is where legends embraced by mysticism came to live. Darkenhöld relate stories from the ancient ages through an epic melodic black metal approach, making the journey legen….dary.
What’s “Castellum”? Exceptionally well written and produced album, charged with a lot of power and expressiveness. Fastly becoming one of my top records that I possess.

If you’re just like me listening to Darkenhöld for the first time, and “Castellum” happens to be your first album, then you are very likely to fall for this band. The music is passionate and holds you tight for over 40 minutes. Not only is it a time travel, but it is capable of letting inside you the spirit of a wanderer who takes part in epic moments and sets eyes on scenarios that are beyond words. “Castellum” is approached by charming melodies and aerial symphonies that lead to addiction. With every play of the tracklist, you’re gonna see new things and most importatly, you’re gonna be part of another  truly epic scene.

In a nutshell, “Castellum” is a high quality melodic black metal album, which I recommend by all means to any BM fan. It’s catchy, awakening the spirit and energic. Production-wise, it’s flawless but I leave the concluding words to you. Now put your headphones on, get your sword enter the world of “Castellum”.

Darkenhöld Castellum
Those Opposed Records, release: 15.09.2014
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1. Strongholds Eternal Rivalry
2. Le Castellas du Moine Brigand
3. Majestic Dusk Over the Sentinels
4. Glorious Horns
5. Feodus Obitus
6. Le Souffle des Vieilles Pierres
7. L’Incandescence Souterraine
8. Mountains Wayfaring Call
9. The Bulwarks Warlords
10. Medium Aevum

Total running time: 42:31

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  1. That one is definitely on my purchase list – probably it will join my CD collection very quickly.

    The sounds are really powerful and evocative. It *does* sound epic, and it’s really quality black metal. Much recommended !

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