Head of the Demon - Sathanas Trismegistos

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Check out “Sathanas Trismegistos” by Head of the Demon

Time to conclude this week with another awesome release that was conceived in Stockholm, Sweden. Unlike most of the savage records that were conceived in that area, Head of the Demon has brought probably one of the most relaxing blackened doom albums I have ever heard and published on this zine! However, the lyrical messages on “Sathanas Trismegistos” are a whole another story. 

This is a deadly record, so you should not be mislead by the calming and beautiful compositions that you can actually meditate to. It is much darker than you could imagine! Head of the Demon have masterfully crafted an album that is unique by all means and I cannot stress enough how much I recommend to check it out. This is darkness in its most hideous form! 

Note: You can purchase “Sathanas Trismegistos” on CD either on Bandcamp or visit Ajna the Offensive’s webstore HERE.

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