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ande - het gebeente
Almost immediately after the Christmas madness is over and we step into 2017, a number of solid albums will be unleashed upon the masses. A few days ago, I’ve been recommended to check out Ande, which is a one-man act masterminded by Jimmy Christiaens from Belgium. The band was conceived back in 2015 and so far, he has put out a single full-length titled “Licht.”  In all honesty, I am not familiar with that particular release as I discovered the band through a preview of “Het Gebeente” on Soundcloud. Nevertheless, myRead More
Torrid Husk / End - Swallow Matewan; black metal albums of 2016
This year has been busy for me on multiple fronts, therefore catching up with 2016’s breed was a tough task. However, I did my best to scan what popular metal publishers have already covered in their year end lists and came up with the following. Instead of repeating what has been praised probably 100 times now, I will present you a retrospection that will cover  hardly ever mentioned albums.  Be sure to bookmark this post as it will be the only dedicated one to summing up some of the finest albumsRead More
Kaosophia - Serpenti Vortex cover
Today, while scouting what’s new on Soundcloud, I bumped into a massive update by Lamech Records that I could not help but share right away. You may remember Kaosophia from one of the From the depths episodes that I posted last year. To my pleasant surprise, this Ukrainian apocalyptic fellowship is on the verge of releasing their sophomore full-length by the name of “Serpenti Vortex.” As of now, I cannot please you with an official date of release, or a complete track list except for the mind-blowing except “Enter theRead More
Blood Moon - Through the Scarlet Veil cover

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Premiere: Blood Moon – Through the Scarlet Veil

Blood Moon is a mysterious circle of Luciferian worshippers, which I Introduced on Saturday massacre a while ago. Now, the band has unleashed their debut full-length bearing the name “Through the Scarlet Veil” for free consumption on Bandcamp. This 8-piece track list will immerse you into a ritual gathering to awaken the Bringer of Light.  The compositions will walk you through the initial stages of summoning to the praise of His kingdom’s arrival. I would not consider this album just a musical experience rather than a profound occult journey. In fact, itRead More
Mord'A'Stigmata - Hope / cover artwork
It’s about time that you get another peek at what 2017 holds! Mord’A’Stigmata, a Polish ritualistic/ avant-garde black metal band have released an official statement about their 4th upcoming album named “Hope.” Pagan Records is taking care of distributing the record starting from 17th February. The new opus is gonna be available on CD, LP and digital format.  “Hope” includes a short track list of 4 songs, which you can see below. Here is how the main creative force Static describes the essence of the whole package: As usual, weRead More
ende - i. luciferia live
I. Luciferia (Ende and Reverence) returns to SBM with a short list of 5 recommended albums that you should check out. Darkthrone – Artic Thunder I know, Darkthrone has stopped playing BM….Generally speaking, I don’t listen to the “new” period but this opus has something different, really great feeling, I definitely loved this album..! Facebook Bölzer – Hero I discovered Bölzer with their 2 first EPs. This debut album is the worthy successor. I appreciate this kind of wave, I hope they keep this good feeling. Facebook Sorcier des Glaces – NorthRead More
farsot - fail-lure
Update 3/29/2017: Good news, folks!  I have just been notified that Farsot unleashed an official music video to their upcoming opus, namely “Fail·Lure“. Watch “The Antagonist” below.  Update 3/12/2017: After a long anticipation for updates related to Farsot’s new record entitled “Fail·Lure“, the first glimpse is already here! ProphecyBC have unleashed a preview, official release date and pre-orders of the new opus. Before revealing the whole thing, check out a shot from the band’s latest photo shoot. Ominous, mysterious and even slightly intimidating. This is exactly how the new album appears to be,Read More

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Premiere: Draugsól – Volaða Land

There’s been a lot of heat going on in the Northern part of the world, where creatives forge what appears to be Icelandic black metal. Over time, it’s got a tremendous attention by mass media for a good reason. Today, I am gonna present yet another band that will make you stay focused on that particular country longer.  Meet newcomers Draugsól and their firstborn full-length titled “Volaða Land.” From the sublime cover artwork, which is a deed by Moonroot Art to the captivating preview track showing maturity from the very beginning.Read More
Blutrache issue 9

Posted On December 5, 2016By LifeloverIn News, Recommended

SBM featured on Blutrache’s 9th edition

There are countless magazines out there that claim to support metal but few are the ones, which pay homage to the underground. One of them is the Hellenic black metal publisher Blutrache whose work has featured a wide range of intriguing bands in extensive interviews and reviews. The 9th issue came forth on 27 November and I was honoured to have been mentioned on page 6.  Blutrache is absolutely recommended for fans who seek bands beyond the overly-saturated mainstream current. In this particular issue, you will find interviews with bands suchRead More
The Great Old Ones - EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy
Update:  “EOD : A Tale Of Dark Legacy” is now available for full streaming below. Give it a go and show your support to The Great Old Ones! Two years after The Great Old Ones presented the phenomenal “Tekeli-Li”, the band shared a glimpse from their upcoming opus that will be spread for mass consumption in 2017. Deeply rooted in Lovecraftian themes, the new full-length titled “EOD : A Tale Of Dark Legacy” will continue to explore the vast landscapes of horrors offering 7 mystical storylines whose total duration is still unknown. However, asRead More