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Winter is upon us all and if there is one band that I instantly feel like it portrays its severe beauty through their frostbitten sound, it would be Finnish act Lathspell and their blackened incantations. How have you been guys? It’s all good, after several years of hibernation we have now activated again. The new album is nearly finished and we are looking forward to playing a few live shows during the coming spring. Let me start off by asking you what exactly your band name refers to and does itRead More

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An Interview with Eryk of Old Temple

In this brand new installment SBM presents Polish undeground record label Old Temple and its mastermind Eryk. In between the answers there is music available for streaming, which is produced by this institution, so make sure to check it out, as well. Hello Eryk! Thanks for spending some of your time to answer my short list of questions. How are you doing nowadays? Hi. I think it’s I who should thank you for the opportunity to present in interview . Thank you, I’m not complaining, all good with health. LiverRead More
Happy New Year to all SBM followers out there! The very first installment for 2016 is dedicated to an interview with a band that I respect and admire a lot. I now introduce you Polish black metal band Cień who share some interesting facts about their musical expression as well as the extreme metal from around their native land. Salut, guys! How are things? Suffer : Hi! Unfortunately, Sunday afternoon is often the time when you can feel pounding head ache caused by the previous night events. Additionally, alcohol starts to evaporate fromRead More
Today, I would like to introduce you an interview that is very different from the previous ones that I have conducted so far. For the first time ever, I conversed with a record label’s owner, which granted me a chance to take a look “behind the scenes” in black metal production. The first of this kind of interviews is honored to a respected independed black metal institution such as Naturmacht Productions. Robert Brockmann (Lebensnacht, Sado Sathanas) was kind to answer my questions below giving an insight directly from the headquarters of NP. Lebensnacht’sRead More
In this installment, I present you a very interesting interview with Animo Aeger; a band that is very hard to reach, actually. Dive into the core of their music and find out curious insights. Oh, and there is a free download waiting for you.. Hails Animo Aeger! It’s highly appreciated to have you for a discussion. I gotta admit that it was hard to find you on the internet, though. Could you share why you have chosen to stay away from social network websites and others alike? Nowadays the easiestRead More
This installment is dedicated to Swedish black metallers Chalice of Blood who are on the verge of putting out the debut EP “Helig, Helig, Helig.” Read more about the band and their upcoming opus while listening to two exclusive tracks from it below. Greetings guys! First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. How are you doing? No worries – thank you for featuring us in your publication. And we are doing quite fine, I believe. Could you present Chalice of Blood? Sure. Chalice ofRead More

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An extended interview with Noktu of Mortifera

Noktu is known as the lead singer & founder of Mortifera, Celestia and mastermind of Drakkar Productions. He has agreed to introduce Mortifera, share some wisdom and life experience with us. Hi Noktu. First of all thank you for finding time to answer my questions. I know you are very busy with the band and label activities. Could you briefly introduce your band Mortifera? MORTIFERA is a project I created in 2000/2001. At that time, I needed to do something different from my other band CELESTIA and I started to compose new songs for anotherRead More
This is interview was recorded and submitted by Shane Bugbee. Follow him on his homepage. In this interview we talk about a recent controversy DAGON and his band attracted, they were accused of being nazis and national socialist sympathizers, about the recent nazi controversy, love and hate, christianity, satanism, race and race relations, eugenics, genocide and the holocaust, genocides thru-out history, religion, slayer, black metal, dragons youth and family, the bugbees being run put of town, how small your life becomes when you deal in extreme art and how theRead More
In this article we plunge into the French underground where our guest-writer Ghosth meets Malcuidant for an informal chat about their musical background and other aspects related to black metal. A journey towards the past, present and future of Malcuidant. Special regards for the opportunity this interview to take place. Now lets get to know the band. Ghosth: Greetings! Could you briefly present Malcuidant? Malcuidant: Malcuidant is a French band performing Art Sombre music. It is composed of Garrgl, Waldhorn, Azgrth et Ayrhomm, the founding member. We are currently working with Apparitia RecordingsRead More
(Amiensus agreed to answer some of the questions to our guest writer Nattramn. We personally want to thank every band member for their time.) How do you describe “Restoration”? Clearly this isn’t just a black metal album, it has lots of influences. James: We typically shy away from calling ourselves black metal at all because we quickly realized (and even before we released it) that this album was… Somewhat eclectic. We are obviously very influenced by black metal but this band is about using what every band member has, talents,Read More