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Grá interview / support black metal

Posted On May 11, 2018By LifeloverIn Interviews, News

Grá: Be a Leader, Not a Follower

Today, I’d like to share with you a new installment in SBM’s interview section with a gentleman whose’s work has had a tremendous impact on my love for music over the years. Heljarmadr of Swedish 5-piece band Grá (also known for being the vocalist of Dark Funeral) has been kind enough to let me steal some of his time, answering my questions. Although, my budget gives me so much freedom to go no further than interviewing by email, I managed to get at least one step closer to the essence of hisRead More
When I started the whole SBM thing back in 2013, all I had in mind was black metal promotion. I didn’t have that vision of promoting visual art and other stuff related to the dark side of life. In time, however, things changed. I guess my vision has broadened and many ideas started flowing. For instance, artist interviews was among the first. How cool would be to get into the mind of an artist whose work decorates our favourite CDs? To see, understand and follow along the process of howRead More
Reverence interview / support black metal
Alright folks, here is a very interesting and vitally important interview, which I had with I. Luciferia of Reverence. A band whose sound is extremely tough to define as it goes beyond any limitations resulting into a twisted experimental form of black metal. Without further due, here we go: 1. It’s been over 5 years since “The Asthenic Ascension” saw the light of day. How are the things going in the Reverence camp? Things have grown rather quiet since our last album, there were some problems with our line-up whichRead More
cien - fate / blitz interview support black metal
Alright folks, I think it has been way too long since the last time I held an interview. To make up for that, I invited one of my personal favourites, namely Cień for a blitz session. They share with us details about their latest full-length titled “Fate“, which you can stream in its entirety below. Before stepping further, make sure to follow the band on Facebook.  1. Concept G. (guitar&vocals): We made an assumption that „Fate” would in some way refer to the previous album “Ecce Homo” but without duplicating it. Actually,Read More
hukutus nadiirit; interview
Today, I have the pleasure of sharing a conversation with Aoghori, the vocalist of “transmutating extreme metal” act Hukutus. Hello guys! Let’s kick off this interview by introducing Hukutus and the meaning of your band name. Hi there! Hukutus means the act of drowning in Finnish, a forced act, I might add. It’s not really specific what is being drowned and into what, I like that. It could be happening within one’s subconscious or it could be just a brutal act of baptism. It’s also a good introduction to what we’re aboutRead More
Avathar interview / Support Black Metal
In 2000 the epic/folk black metal horde Avathar was born leading to numerous outstanding releases. I’ve had the opportunity to inquire 3 of the members who share an in-depth introduction of their craft. Meet Witch King (vocals), Scatha (keyboards & vocals) and Ar-Pharazôn (wind instruments). It’s been around 6 years since the release of your latest demo “Dark Paths.” How have you been doing during this extensive period of time? Scatha: Where should I start… We’ve been working on our upcoming release, more or less. There has been lineup changes etc.Read More
Project Grey - Dead Fragments logo
1. Let’s start off by introducing yourselves and Project Grey. Could you share a few words about the band’s background? Mr. Grey and Toheras, we are the guys that stay behind all of this. Project Grey is a studio black metal project from Haskovo, Bulgaria. We’ve known each other for a couple of years and we’re very good friends. The actual idea for this project was mine (Mr. Grey) and it was being in my head for quite a long time… maybe 10 years or something like that. Back in theRead More
Khaos Labyrinth interview

Posted On July 19, 2016By LifeloverIn Interviews, News

Interview with black metal act Khaos Labyrinth

Russian black metal band Khaos Labyrinth share a few words about their new album Khaos Kvlt | Path to Nihil and other interesting facts about their craft. Hailz! It’s been two years since your debut album “Renessans XIII” appeared and you are already on the verge of releasing your sophomore record. Tell me more about it and how much has Khaos Labyrinth changed over the years? Hail Satan, brothers. Renessans XIII was released as a report for the path from 2008 to 2013. That time the band was monumentally different.Read More
cruda sorte interview
In today’s installment I introduce German black metal act Cruda Sorte in possibly the longest and most insightful interview that I’ve ever conducted so far. I’ve had the opportunity to discuss various topics with the band’s mastermind Nathanael. Salutations guys! Cruda Sorte has never been discussed in-depth on SBM e-zine before and I would like you to tell us a bit about the story of the band. According to metal-archives it all started in 2005. Can you elaborate on Cruda Sorte’s history? I think there is still not so muchRead More

Posted On February 28, 2016By LifeloverIn Interviews, News

Whispers of a dying Earth: An interview with Ende

Raw black metal has always had a special place in my life and therefore, I now would like to unveil an interview I had the pleasure to conduct with French band Ende, whose masterminds are also known for participating in Reverece. Streaming of both of Ende’s full-length albums is included in the article. Hello guys! Let me start this interview off in a little atypical way. Most if not all companies have a mission, vision and values working as a backbone that connects each of their business components. Interpreting thisRead More