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I cannot believe that it has been over 1 year since the last installment in our blitz category called “From the Depths.” It is time to dust it off by introducing 3 underground bands and their respective albums that caught my attention, so let’s get right into it.  Note: A new CD recommendation is on the way, so make sure to subscribe via the newsletter form. Meanwhile, if you wanna take a look at our previous updates, have a look here.  Thanatomania I have come across to Thanatomania thanks toRead More
Tardigrada black metal band
A few days ago I received a massive update from Fallen Empire Records, which turns into today’s episode. Normally, I follow my strict rule of featuring 3 bands per issue but this time I had to make an exception. Today, I present you Urzeit, Tardigrada, Jassa and Arkhtinn! Apart from plenty of stuff to listen to, you can also download for free 2 of the albums below. Let’s jump into the treat! Urzeit  Urzeit is a US-based collective of 3 members whose common experience brings a lot to the table. R.F.Read More
Martrod- Transmutation of Wounds

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From the depths: Martrod, Prosternatur and Yith

You see, there are times when you cannot put on hold good news. The pressure is so high that the only relief lies into sharing the word with those who dare to know. In today’s From the depths installment, I have collected yet another 3 outstanding bands (Martrod, Prosternatur and Yith) that will give you shivers down the spine at the very least. Martrod I hate the term “super group” but I that would be the best way to describe the international band Martrod. Given the diverse pool of talents that completesRead More
gevurah - hallelujah
After nearly 5 months since the last episode, From the depths returns with another batch of 3 bands (Gevurah, Almyrkvi and Slitherum) that will take their reserved spot in SBM’s hall of fame. Get ready cause I am nearly 100% sure that these projects will blow you away! Now let’s put on some quality stuff, shall we? Gevurah I’ve never hidden my profound interest in Quebec’s underground metal scene. That place of the globe is blooming! You can choose among superb projects of all kinds of black metal sub-genres (yeah,Read More
A good day should always start with a nice cup of freshly made coffee and a selection of fine music albums that will awaken you and get the mind gears working to the full extend. To me, this usually does not mean putting on the radio and listening to casual music but getting right into the deep corners of blackest of the blackest stuff. In today’s morning ritual, I am going to share a 3-way premiere along with free downloads! Morte Incandescente If you haven’t pinned Portugal in order toRead More

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From the depths: Faunus, Lutece and Odraza

New three bands deriving from the depths of the mirky underground have been brought to your attention and this time unlike the previous installment, they are quite various sound and concept wise. I must point out that this is the 11th edition of the series, so if you are not familiar with the rest of the episodes, make sure to click HERE.     Faunus Faunus was conceived in 2015 in Greece where increasingly quality bands are emerging and make not only me but other fans of the genre keep anRead More
New episode of  From the depths is here paying homage to 3 completely and utterly mindblowing bands who seem to be also very underrated. I initially planned to make this installment entirely dedicated to the atmospheric sub-genre but earlier today I got surprised by some awesome news from Godz ov War Productions and the plans changed immediately. They have provided an access to one of their upcoming releases, which kind of “broke the atmospheric symmetry” that I was aiming for but nevertheless, I am sure you’ll appreciate the unplanned additionRead More
From the depths is a journey, which continues to explore further down the darkest corners of the black metal underground and it’s time to enthrone yet another three bands on the flaming throne. Prepare yourself for an unholy assault and violent desecreation! By the way, unlike other posts in this category, I have included an invaluable bonus for your enjoyment. Divine Blasphemy Starting with the Hellenic act Divine Blasphemy, whose work is what I could define as fierce unholy incantations, there’s just nothing more to expect than oldschool alike black fuckingRead More

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From the depths: Zgard, Hoth and Kaosophia

It’s time to break the autumn silence with the new batch of kickass black metal that will get you into a very good mood, I am sure. Behold the brand new edition of From the depths featuring yet another three bands that take their deserved spot in the hall of fame, so to speak. Let’s cut to the chase.. Zgard Zgard can be described as the enchanting sound of the Carpathian legends that fascinate people from around the globe. This Ukrainian trio combines the severe essence of black metal withRead More
The number of bands that are worthy to be included in From the depths exceeds the capacity of this zine. This is one of the conclusions I came to as I keep discovering so many black metal treasures on a daily basis that it’s not possible to collect them all at once and pay them the well deserved attention. Nevertheless, slowly but surely, this pool of underground bands has expanded once more with yet another batch of three names that captured my attention. Check them below. Kosmos Kosmos is aRead More