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Atramentvm - Theotoxin
There are days of drought, grim silence and nothingness on the horizon when it comes to discovering quality new material. However, there is that moment when out of nowhere I am literally being overwhelmed by a massive wave of awesome new bands that get better and better, putting me in a situation where I could not be able to comprehend what just happened. I believe today is that day, thus I’ve compiled this special write up featuring 4 incredible bands that are worthy of your attention at the very least.Read More
Acherontas - Amarta अमर्त (Formulas of Reptilian Unification Part II)
Acherontas is among the most prolific Hellenic bands right now, let’s face it. It’s not just about the rather massive discography they offer despite it is considered to be a relatively young band (of old souls, though). It is more about the fine breed of material which goes far beyond the art of music and explores the deep and untreaded paths leading to a world of the occult and magic.  Two years after the first chapter came under the spotlight, Acherontas have finally shed light onto their new opus “Amarta अमर्त (Formulas ofRead More
yhdarl - a prelude to the great loss
Black/doom fellowship in sorrow Yhdarl made available details about their upcoming mini album they have tirelessly worked on, which is titled “A Prelude to the Great Loss.” So far, it is known that the EP offers a 30 minutes intense prelude to devastating oppression that will take away your breath until you begin to see the fading light of your very own existence. The band states that the teaser “Unblessed Hands” is one of the most experimental tracks that they have ever made! “A Prelude to the Great Loss” also featuresRead More
Aornos - Mors Sola

Posted On March 20, 2016By LifeloverIn Band of the day, News

Band of the day: Aornos – Mors Sola

Today, I’ve got a small update to share along with another cool band that I hope you’ll dig as much as I did. So, first let’s get started with the update. I have added a new category to this website that will get updated very frequently. I introduce you “Band of the day.”  The idea was born on Google+ where I occasionally post small updates under the title “Cover of the day” including cover artworks and music for streamng. This was running for quite a long time actually and I figured that manyRead More