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Support Black Metal sampler vol. 3
It’s official! Support Black Metal Sampler Vol. 3 is out! After a long and steady work on this project, I am very excited to finally let you know that you can download this package of exceptional underground black metal for free. Unlike the previous edition, you can check out an exclusive preview below. Support Black Metal Sampler Vol. 3 contains 25 tracks featuring bands from all around the globe. Furthermore, if you feel like you want to support the bands that you’ve liked, please have a look at the “Buy albums” section.Read More

Posted On September 5, 2015By LifeloverIn Compilation

SBM sampler vol. 2 unleashed

I am very excited to present you the second volume of Support Black Metal’s sampler! What you can find in this brand new installment is some superb underground black metal bands from around the globe offering amazing and various experiences. This time, the sampler has been uploaded in three versions: complete, part 1 and part 2. In case your connection is slow, you are welcome to download it part by part. Read no more and get your hands on this pure gem now! Read More
Prior to the SBM sampler, I have decided to warm things up with two of my most recent findings that made me hit the roof with an ultimate “horns up!” I present you two totally free compilations by Endless Decrepitude Productions and Fallen Empire that include many underground artists representing the very smouldering depths of the black metal underground. What’s the best about these awesome releases is that you have an opportunity to enjoy diverse selections of our beloved darkened music ranging from traditional to ambient-fused and much more. Read no moreRead More

Posted On August 17, 2014By LifeloverIn Compilation

Free compilation by Dipsomaniac Records

A couple of days ago I was notified by Dipsomaniac Records about their brand new free compilation that is titled “The Nothingness Had Opened Out Into Undreamed​-​of Distances”.  What you’ll find in there is 9 tracks of some kickass underground bands that make this compilation a must-have. You can preview/download it below.Read More