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most demented sounding black metal vocals
From the early 90’s to this day, black metal artists have always managed to leverage the intensity of the genre. Be it the blasphemous image, the controversy mainly related to church burnings or worship of the Devil. Chaos and destruction always lie at the burning core of this current! There is however, a bunch of musicians who stood out with a very specific vocal approach that makes the music itself feel more dangerous than ever. In this sense, I’d like to present a selection of 10 underground bands/albums wherein the vocalsRead More
Sarastus - II ​- Toinen Tuleminen

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Black Metal Saturday S2: Episode 1

I did promise a major update for this weekend and there you go! Black Metal Saturday S2 is here – the second “season” of this series begins. For those of you who are not aware of what the heck this is, well let me put it as brief as possible: 10 weekends – 100 bands/albums of absolutely free streaming! Best of all? Underground only! Feel free to check out the first round in case you haven’t. Now, let’s get this going! Ritual – The Summoning | Follow Back in 1995,Read More
Let’s call the 1st chapter of Black Metal Saturday done! Initially, I had in mind to continue with the 11th episode today but it somehow came to me naturally to summarise all these awesome 100 bands that I featured in the past 10 weeks. Whether you have missed some of the episodes or maybe you’ve forgotten of a favourite band, this is a perfect occasion to catch up.  Note: To stream all albums for free, simply click on the titles below and you’ll be redirected to the right place. EnjoyRead More
Draugur - By the Rays of His Golden Light -support black metal

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Black Metal Saturday: Episode 10

Welcome to the 10th edition of Black Metal Saturday! Today’s episode is special because we just turned 100 bands in this sequence alone! How cool is that? Let’s waste no more time and get to the real deal. Enjoy! Sanctuaire – Le Sang sur l’Acier | Follow If you have never followed the underground scene in Quebec closely, then please do! That place of the globe is a wellspring of exceptional music and in today’s installment, I will give you the 1st example to start with – Sanctuaire. This is a side projectRead More
frozen ritual - ancient ritual

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Black Metal Saturday: Episode 9

Hello folks and welcome back to the 9th edition of Black Metal Saturday. Yes, 9th means 90 bands featured already in just this sequence! By now, you should have explored quite a big number of awesome bands and in today’s installment, we are continuing in the same vein. 10 bands, 10 albums, plenty of awesome stuff. Let’s get started!  Bekëth Nexëhmü – De Dunkla Herrarna  Bekëth Nexëhmü is a one-man Swedish black metal band whose craft is raw and atmospheric by nature. The band’s debut album “De Dunkla Herrarna” descends the listenerRead More
old wvrms - ritae

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Black Metal Saturday: Episode 8

Hello folks and welcome to another episode of the SBM’s weekend series Black Metal Saturday. Traditionally, I have picked for you some truly promising albums of a distinctive nature and I believe you will find the one that you’ve been dying to listen to in a lone time. Let’s listen to some good stuff, shall we? Old Wvrms – Ritae | Follow Old Wvrms is a Belgian quartet that plays some weirdly awesome fusion of blackened doom and sludge metal. Their debut album “Ritae” has a strong ritualistic vibe, and I am sure itRead More
near - the opening of the primordial whirl

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Black Metal Saturday: Episode 7

Hello guys and welcome to the 7th edition of Black Metal Saturday. It’s hard to believe that this series alone has featured more than 70 bands already! Today, I have gathered an exciting new collection of bands & albums, so let’s waste no more time and get to listening. Daat – There Are None So Blind As Those That Will Not See | Follow Knowledge comes when you walk down the path towards the unknown and bear the fruits of what’s to come your way. Daat, Russian-based quartet share their journey toRead More
heretique - ore veritatis

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Black Metal Saturday: Episode 6

As the Sun rises above the soil and casts its rays upon it, the flaming demons awaken and prepare their horrific weapons of destruction to scorch the living. I know, I know, too many movies may lead to an irrelevant opening of the new episode of Black Metal Saturday. But that’s okay, ’cause you know what, you are going to get blown away by this brand new selection of random picks that I wanted to share somewhere along line but I had not been able to. With the new episode,Read More
devathorn - vritra

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Black Metal Saturday: Episode 5

Hails and welcome to the 5th edition of Black Metal Saturday! Today,  I  would like to share possibly the fastest list of bands/albums that I’ve ever made. Why fast? Well, it all started when I did my regular check on World Terror Committee’s releases, which triggered something in my browser and I was pointed at exactly where I intended to go.  Normally, researching new (not necessarily 2016 releases) is time-consuming ’cause I try my best to filter the music I get my hands on and let in only the worthy namesRead More
heresiarch - hammer of intransigence
Religion starts with desolation and ends with misery. –  M.F. Moonzajer Hello folks and welcome to another edition of Black Metal Saturday! Today is a day for exploring more of the darkest depths of black metal, so you should put on hold most of the stuff in your daily routine and let yourself dive into the world of shadows and mysticism. As the “old” tradition goes, the sky will crack wide open today and the eternal wrath of the infernal ones will be unleashed upon your senses through the venomous tunesRead More