Kult - Unleashed from Dismal Light

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Black Metal Saturday: Rising Of The Blood Moon

Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places

– H.P. Lovecraft

Welcome to another episode of Black Metal Saturday where we are gonna chat very little and listen to plentiful of blood music. This is the moment when you are permitted to not answer any calls, feel guilty sitting on the computer or any other crap that you get to hear during the week cause you are supposed to “do more important stuff .” It’s weekend, and it’s time to chill, and both of me and you know what this means. 

For the newcomers, I should clarify that this series is not just about exploring new black metal releases. In fact, consider it like a ritual that cleanses your mind, heart and soul from the overly-saturated shitty music industry where there is absolutely no value, originality, quality and honesty. The bands/albums I have introduced down, down below present their craft in their own unique way and I believe that those individuals among you who crave for non-popular yet excellent releases, will appreciate this batch.

I raise the chalice to the underground black metal devotees! May you enjoy this bloody Saturday feast! Oh, and don’t forget to check out more of the bands listed below. They have much more to say than me. 

Ultha – Pain Cleanses Every Doubt | Follow


Ether – Hymns of Failure | Follow


Varen – S/T | Follow


Death Fortress – Deathless March of the Unyielding 


Kult – Unleashed From Dismal Light | Follow


Hagl – Lenket til Livet | Follow


ZÉPÜLKR – Nécrofrançie 


Chaos Moon – Resurrection Extract | Follow


Sacrificium Carmen – Ikuisen Tulen Kammiossa | Follow


Kyy – Travesty of Light | Follow


Bonus: L.A.C.K. – The Fragile | Follow

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Black metal is as vast as the universe itself. My mission is to prove it every time by discovering new bands and sharing them with you.

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