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Black Metal Cover Art series: I

It was about time to pay our homage to some of the most amazing cover art pieces out there. Here comes a new category coming with the first ever created gallery on this zine. We will publish more galleries over the time, so stay tuned and keep an eye on the last articles. Meanwhile, get started with this one.

Featured bands: Abazagorath, Abnabak, Amnis Nihili, Astral Winter, Borgne, Ceremonial Castings, Elffor, Lychgate, Horned Almighty, Svart Crown and Totalselfhatred.


Abnabak - Under the Mask of Humanity

Amnis Nihili - Christological Escalation

Astral Winter - Forest of Silence

Borgne - Royaume des ombres

Ceremonial Castings - Immortal Black Art


Elffor - Heriotz Sustraiak

Svart Crown - Witnessing the Fall

Horned Almighty - Necro Spirituals

totalselfhatredSupport the bands listed in here by liking and spreading their art with fellow black metal headbangers!

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Black metal is as vast as the universe itself. My mission is to prove it every time by discovering new bands and sharing them with you.

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