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Autumn’s Dawn – A New Masterpiece Was Born [updated]

Update: Finally, you can pre-order the self titled EP by Autumn’s Dawn on Bandcamp. It is a 3-piece mini album and you can preview 2 of them just at the bottom of this article. 

A great way to start the new day is by having some good news. Well, actually this is not just good but it’s awesome! Let me tell you why. I believe some of you are very familiar with bands such as Austere and Woods Of Desolation. These bands have set a higher standard in the genre. They perfected it and surely reserved their place in the chronicles of black metal. A new breed of depressive black metal nature is to come and it’s name cannot be put more appropriately than Autumn’s Dawn.

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Previous update: Tim Yatras a.k.a. “Sorrow” (Germ, ex. Austere, ex Woods of Desolation) has announced and amazed me once again with his newest side project called Autumn’s Dawn. The band’s musical direction is described as depressive black metal. They shared a track of their debut album on their official facebook page for streaming, so you are welcome to listen to it and after that share your opinion with us. More news about Autumn’s Dawn is to come. Stay tuned and enjoy the song!


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