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After finishing my studies in German literature, I decided that 25 years on this planet were enough. So I became a freelance editor for science fiction novels, refused to grow up and turned my obsession with Black Metal into a writing habit.

Posted On September 3, 2014By NekristIn News

The Stone release first song from upcoming album

Serbian Black Metal flagship The Stone just gave us a glimpse on what is about to come: “Kamenolom” from their upcoming album Nekroza promises us a great new output: Nekroza is The Stone‘s  the seventh studio album and will be released on Octobre 1st via Folter Records – I am looking forward to that!   German fans, watch out: The Stone will play on the Bavarian Battle Winter 2015, taking place on January 10th 2015 in Rosenheim/Bavaria. See you there! Support The Stone: Facebook Homepage Folter Records Homepage Folter Records aufRead More
Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, the Post Black Metal band Ajuna will re-release their EP Death in the Shape of Winter on 12″ vinyl in fall of 2014 via Quality Steel Records. To shorten the wait until the EP comes out, Ajuna offers a full album stream of their debut album Prisoners Of The Sun (2013): Ajunas lead singer Anders Andersen’s comments on “Suntomb”, one of the most intense songs on Prisoners of the Sun: “Suntomb is a metaphor for the psychiatric system and a prisoner of the sun is a person who needs psychopharmaca in orderRead More

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Quintessence Mystica – Duality

 A Ukrainian Epic After their well-received debut The 5th Harmonic of Death (2011) Kharkiv-based duo Quintessence Mystica (Master Alafern – all instruments/arrangements and Dromos Aligianos – vocals) just delivered their second album Duality a few days ago via German label Schwarzdorn Productions. Quintessence Mystica want to explore what is behind the borders of common sense and sanity, and thus Duality leaves the unstable ground of reality and ventures on into the fields of all those things our erudition negates … Regarding their music, nothing’s really new on Duality: Quintessence MysticaRead More
A panorama more deplorably desolate no human imagination can conceive In December 2013, Naturmacht Production released Immersion, the debut album of Depressive/Atmospheric Black Metal Band Depicting Abysm from St. Petersburg, Russia. Behind Depicting Abysm are the two musicians A (all instruments/Programming) and K (vox), both known for their other project, Epitimia. Reducing the names shows just perfectly what Immersion is about: The individual is reduced to nothing in the face of the overwhelming, endless ocean that is as beautiful as deadly. The sea is centre point of attention in theRead More
Audioseptic Black Punk Bastards! Saturday, June 7th 2014: Three festivals at one weekend (Wave Gotik Treffen, Rock im Park and Rock am Ring) and temperatures above 30° C, but nonetheless, about 80 Black Metalheads came to the Backstage Club in Munich to see four underground bands and have a good time. The first band was Munich-based duo Ewigeis (the name translates as “everlasting ice”, but is an artificial word in the German language that is not used this way). Last time I saw them playing as support to Von andRead More

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Norse – Pest

Rough Edges from Down Under Norse is, as you may have already guessed, an Australian band from New South Wales that produces very fine and very black metal. Their second album, All is Mist and Fog, brought Norse, around since 2006, to my attention. On June the 7th, Norse will release their new EP Pest via Bandcamp, to make sure our summer is enriched with the stench of sickness and putrefaction while the sun vanishes beneath a shroud. Pest is almost 30 minutes of cumbersome Black Metal that is notRead More

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Gandreid – Nordens Skalder

Forever we’ll be reigning in this kingdom of timelessness Gandreid was born in 2011 as a studio project of Dáublódir, a musician from Bergen who first reached my attention through Skygge. After he “dug up and blew some dust off” old ideas from somewhen between 1999 and 2002, he recorded Gandreids first album Nordens Skalder – and both name and album title give you a very good idea of what’s to come: “Gandreid” is Norwegian for the Wild Hunt, “Skalder” are poets who composed at Norwegian and Icelandic courts inRead More
The Lords of Cold Nordafrost are one of those German Black Metal bands that have always succeeded in sticking out of the masses without having to be experimental or drifting off into the avant-garde. Launched in Hagen (Westphalia) in 1996, they committed themselves to Black Metal of Nordic coinage. In 2013, the long sold-out demo Dominus Frigoris (2002) was re-released via Godeater Records as digi-edition with six bonus tracks – and it’s a good pennyworth! The first half is, as said, the old Dominus Frigoris demo, and that’s first andRead More

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Isvind – Daumyra

A Blast from the Past Isvind are one of those really, really old Black Metal bands, founded in 1992 in Oslo under the name Ice Wind. After three demos and an EP, their first album Dark Waters Stir war released in 1996 – and then, silence fell upon Isvind. Seven years later, the split EP Kuldedød / Det Hedenske Norge came out – and then there was silence, again, until in 2011 the second album, Intent Lever, hit the shelves. Isvind had been reduced to a duo then, consisting ofRead More
Don’t fear the darkness of those long winter nights   Abandoned Dreams are a Munich-based formation that produces an ultracomplex, very doomy sound they call “Blackened Doom Metal”. Founded in 2009, they shared stages with Agalloch, Fen and Inquisition, just to mention a few. In November 2013, they released their second album Isolation and Solitude, thus creating one heavy piece of darkness and despair! “If Yesterday was the last Day”, the opening song on Isolation and Solitude, starts immediately, without an intro, and pushes you over the edge and intoRead More