Tsjuster of the Frisian horde Kjeld has revealed extensive details about their debut album “Skym.” I hinted about it on From the depths a while ago where I premiered their music video “Baduhenna.” If you have missed it out, scroll down a little bit, watch it and get infected! Meanwhile, see what to expect in the near future and enjoy the stunning cover artwork by Dinne Marit.

“Skym” is the upcoming debut full length of Frisian black metal band Kjeld. All of its lyrics are written in our mothertongue, Frisian. The lyrics do not have a cohesive theme; every song stands on its own. Instead, cohesion arises from the music itself. On this album, our intention was to blend big, open atmospheres with mad brutality. Even though all of the songs are characterized by this blend, the album is very dynamic, with enough variance and subtleties to keep it exciting. It’s very hard to describe a piece of music, let alone an entire album, with words, so I prefer to let the music speak for itself.

– Tsjuster, guitarist of Kjeld

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Artwork by Dinne Marit. Type: Acrylic painting.

  1. Tûzen Sinnen
  2. Skym
  3. Gerlofs Donia
  4. Gjin Ferjouwing
  5. Ús Grûn
  6. Bonifatius
  7. Baduhenna
  8. Brek en Brân
  9. Ivich Libben
  10. Stoarm
  11. Bern fan Freya