Welcome to SBM e-zine! I am glad to have you here reading these initial lines. Let me tell you a few words of how I’ve begun traversing the black metal underground.

Support Black Metal appeared for the first time in a rainy October evening in 2013 on the well-known social network Google+. Nothing serious was intended back then. Just sharing tunes every once in a while. Day by day an idea of making it bigger was growing until it reached a critical point and a decision was made. A serious and active underground black metal promotion was the core of it. That’s how popped up the idea to expand more as an online archive dedicated to black metal only and everything about this musical genre or maybe way of life, philosophy..?

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”
– Victor Hugo


What you are likely to find in here can be narrowed down to bands, albums, artwork, and news that have hardly ever been featured or reviewed on the net. The point  is to “Support Black Metal.” No politics, religion, fashion and other crap that makes humanity brainwashed is involved in this zine. It is made out of pure and maniacal love for the dark side of life and the inextinguishable need to explore the unknown. Last but definitely not the least, SBM is a very personal project, a tribute to the underground. It is run by one (from time to time being assisted by other enthusiasts) passionate individual!

Note: This zine is entirely funded by myself! Respectively, I am having a job on the side in order to provide hosting, support and possible giveaways. If your material is not displayed yet even though it’s been approved, do not worry! Just bear with me, it will be.

Publishing policy

One of the principles that doesn’t only apply for reviews or as I like to call them “recommendations” is to omit publishing negative content. I believe that there is no point to waste my time as well as yours by ranting on something that I neither like nor support.

I write about stuff that I actually like! Normally, I include in my recommendations media (a.k.a. Youtube/Bandcamp/Soundcloud player and images) in order to give the readers an opportunity to experience your samples at first hand and make their initial impression. Now, let me tell you how I approach recommendations.

Firstly, I don’t do in-depth track by track analysis. I think it’s pointless to describe every single blast beat and riff, which eventually will result in 100 pages full of boredom. Instead, I would share my honest opinion on what I admire at and explain the readers why they should acquire your release. Things that I look at is your lyrics (when available), artwork, sound quality, production and how all of these come together as a complete outcome.

Essentially, the main focus of my activity is the music itself! I wouldn’t delve into the band’s background (unless vital connections must be made). Another thing to note is that as of 2018, I don’t publish  track lists with each song name, total duration etc. The good guys at Metal-Archives have made it easy and clear enough for detail-oriented people. 

Before accepting to check out your single/demo/EP/split/full-length/, I need the following:

1.  A link where I can listen to samples
2. A short brief about your album – tell me a few words about it
3. Optional: Picture(s) of your band
4. Optional: Press kit – it makes the process easier for me

Note: Keep in mind that I receive a lot of requests for reviews and therefore CDs have a higher priority over digital releases.