uada - devoid of light

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A little late premiere: Uada – Devoid of Light

Let thyself be devoid of light

Once I used to laugh out loud when somebody was putting US and black metal in one sentence. Once I used be a dumbass, too! The more I look for new music originating from that part of the globe, the more I understand how unaware I used to be concerning the American underground black metal community.

For those of you who are begging to get enlightened by the absence of daylight, I will gladly introduce Oregon-based quartet Uada and their debut full-length “Devoid of Light.”  Eisenwald Tonschmiede Records have uploaded all of the 5 tracks on Soundcloud for free streaming and you can check them below.

It’s worthy to note, Uada is the latin word for haunted and in fact, so does “Devoid of Light” sound. It is an honourable first release setting the bars high with a decent production, memorable riffage and abundance of darkly charisma thanks to the catchy melodic approach that has been undertaken.

Awaken your senses and devour the poisonous fruits of Uada’s first harvest. You can support them by following their Facebook page HERE and/or order a copy on Eisenwald Tonschmiede Records’ online store HERE

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